Julie Reiner


Order a signed copy from Julie! My family and friends for years had been emailing, calling and texting with the same question. I am having a party, what cocktails should I make?  After an exchange on the basic information about the party, theme, occasion and attendees I would respond with a perfectly curated menu and recipes for their cocktail party. I decided to make life easier and just write a book on cocktails at home for every occasion! Believe me when I tell you that this book answers all the questions you need to entertain like a professional and manage to enjoy your own party.     

“In my opinion, The Craft Cocktail Party is the new ‘go-to’ guide for every at-home mixologist. This book breaks down cocktails by occasion for easy reference, which makes it very ‘cordial’ for the user. Julie Reiner is clearly a Mastress of Mixology…and fun!”Anne Burrell, chef, bestselling author of Cook Like a Rock Star, and host of Worst Cooks in America


“At last, a cocktail book created with all of us in mind–arranged intuitively by season and celebration–that’s as elegant as it is delicious! Using the freshest ingredients and a few simple tricks of the trade, Julie Reiner delivers everything you need to craft beautiful, unexpected, and innovative drinks for every occasion, including those nights which require no occasion at all! Salud!”Gail Simmons, TV personality, food expert, and author of Talking with My Mouth Full

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